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Runtai volunteers to repay the society by assisting education and funding regional poor during the process of self-improvement to make contributions on local welfare and education undertakings, thereby to create value and bring prosperity and sustainable development.
  • Aid motivational educational association financially to stimulate interests.
    Motivational educational association in Baimi Town is one of public welfare programs on local educational undertaking that supported by Runtai Chemical. It aims to encourage principals and teachers with prominent contributions and students who excel in morals as well as academic performances, achieving a harmonious atmosphere of fair disciplining and timely supervision, industrious teaching and learning/div>
  • Transfer educational material to district experimental primary school to improve teaching performance.
    Led by Zhang Shiyuan, the president of Runtai Chemical Co., Ltd, the company provided 3 devices like camera and printer, costing 5,000 yuan, for Jiangyan experimental primary school’s Kanghua campus. The donations are expected to make teaching and learning activities more convenient in daily school life.