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Runtai's Mission: Runtai Chemical moistens the Future.
Runtai Chemical considers “moisten the Future” as its mission and objective of development, which is based on continuous improvement of corporate social responsibilities and ability itself, and positioned in accordance with self-responsibility. According to the mission “moisten the Future” , Runtai aims to develop itself and create performance in a sound and stable manner, thus to seek well-being and achieve expectations for the future of the society, the industry, customers, shareholders and employees; Runtai aims to make positive efforts and outstanding contributions for better life and living environment with high quality products and environmental protection measures; it aims to keep a deep sense of gratitude attitude to all sectors that support our growth and development. The future of runtai chemical, is based on the responsibility of the future, is a common value future, is the future of moist people's living conditions.
Becoming leader and excellent brand in the industry .

Our vision is to become the industry's renowned company.

Our vision is to become an outstanding example in China's national industry, benefiting the people and contributing to the society.

Our vision is to develop into a successful representative of China's private enterprises that expand business world-wide and are to grow up stably in future.

From the social view, Runtai shall develop into an emerging base that benefits human life, beautifies the environment, and promotes economic, cultural and social coordinated development in the communities where it is located.

From the economic view, Runtai shall develop into a leader in additives and plasticizers production in China.

Runtai's core values ​​(system)

Innovative value is based on professionalism

Survival is based on flawless quality

Seek for win-win via integrity

Protect our environment

Business purposes—customer satisfaction is our relentless pursuit.
Spirit of enterprise—united, rigorous, tenacious and innovative
 United spirit

unity is our strength, unity makes us more powerful. Under the same vision, we are like family, like brothers, we are like-minded and being in close collaboration. Solidarity promotes us to make power together and helps us forge ahead.

Rigorous spirit

any detail is critical to our success. Any detail may make material impact on the whole operation of the company. Our employees are required to work in a meticulous and careful manner, which is not only the general requirement for product quality, and also the basis for our business nature. Rigorous spirit is strong helmet for quality, and also a solid foundation for safety management.

Tenacious spirit

stick-at-itiveness is a quality in the spirit, hardness & softness integration is a policy of the spirit. Tenacious spirit is the power source of our success for overcoming difficulties and believing hope.

Innovative spirit

one can not make innovation and progress if feels satiable. Innovation is not only a mean of change, and also innovation is the engine of progress. Our innovation aims to reduce cost for outdated technology and create value for our progress. We require innovation, protect and praise any innovative behavior and achievements of individuals or teams of employees through the system and mechanisms.

Runtai's working style—scientific and rigorous, vigorous and resolute

Respond rapidly and implement steadily with scientific spirit and rigorous attitude

Runtai's business purpose—develop together with customers and grow up with society together

To human society, we adhere to business concept of bona fide and good faith;

To self behavior, we adopt the principle of responsibility for our errors and providing compensation;

To customers and consumers, we make sure to provide more and better products and more high-quality service;

To our dealers, we ensure satisfied quality and relatively reasonable profit on sales of products;

To partners and shareholders, we ensure creation of higher efficiency to return.

“Seek win-win via integrity” is the interpretation of the company's business purpose and intent, as well as value-oriented positioning, namely “develop together with customers and grow up with society together”.

With customer development and social progress, the company will be balanced, coordinated and developed in a sound cycle.