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Research and Development Center
First-class product research and development center
Runtai Chemical technology center possesses powerful research and development ability, complete organization structure, specific project division, and is one of the top three technology centers in coalescing agent industry in Jiangsu province. Runtai Chemical sticks to the conception of “sychronization of production, development, design and conception” in the aspect of product research and development to maintain the research technology level of the company at the industry frontier. The company has acquired many research results of internationally advanced level and national invention patents.
In 2012, Runtai Chemical established “Taizhou Coalescing Agent Engineering Technology Research Center” with Chinese famous university-Yangzhou University. This center is currently equipped with two doctoral supervisors, three graduate supervisors, over ten professors and associate professors, over ten doctors and graduates, over forty graduates, and possesses first-class research and development level of coalescing agent technology in China. Runtai Chemical keeps cooperation with East China University of Science and Technology, Shanghai University of Engineering Science and Yangzhou University in production, learning and research, and establishes coalescing agent research and development center in Taizhou.
Experiment centers and bases established until now:
Yangzhou University - Runtai Chemical Coalescing Agent Research Base
Yangzhou University Graduate Workstation
Graduate Off-campus Cultivation Base
Taizhou Coalescing Agent Engineering Technology Research Center
Jiangsu Private Technology Enterprises
Taizhou Jiangyan Enterprise Technology Center
Technology Equipment
First-class technology inspection equipment
As a high & new tech enterprise, Runtai Chemical Technology Center is equipped with advanced laboratories in China, and multiple pieces (sets) of advanced technology equipment, which carries out advancement of the analysis and examination of products comprehensively. The equipment includes: gas chromatograph, inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometer, full shearing range rheometer, scanning electron microscope, salt spray resistant experiment instruments, constant temperature and humidity chamber, artificial climate aging resistant experiment instrument and minimum film-forming temperature measuring instrument. The center is one of the coalescing factories in China which possess the most complete inspection equipment.
Technology Force
First-class technology research and development team
Runtai Chemical is a new & high tech enterprise which incorporates production, learning and research. General Manager Mr. Yu Ning takes overall charge of the technology center, and carries out technology instructions comprehensively. Senior expert Mr. Wang Yongcheng, who is a member of the first alcohol ester 12 research teams in China, serves as the comprehensive product development general engineer. Technology engineers from major coating companies in China are introduced to take comprehensive charge of the real applications of products. Large scientific research teams and technology teams are formed integrally by industry elites in China as the backbones. The company actively carries out transverse technology cooperation with external organizations, and employs staff in coating research institutions as the company’s technical advisers, and widely carries out transverse cooperation with multiple academic institutions at home and abroad such as Yangzhou University, Shanghai University of Engineering Science and East China University of Science and Technology in “production, learning, research”, and keeps track of international research results and technology trends, and connects to international technology information.
Quality Monitoring
Runtai guarantees the best operation management in every part of production process
Raw materials-Strict supplier selection; raw materials of each batch will be tested on their quality, only those which meet the high standards of Runtai will be put into production.
Production process-real-time Monitor in production process guarantees the quality of final products.
Final product inspection-Products of each batch has to go through final inspection: only those products which meet the strict quality specifications of Runtai will be packaged and delivered to customers.
The quality control of products is comprehensively monitored and controlled in strict accordance with above three sections to guarantee that products of each batch meet relevant standards.