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Runtai Chemical moistens future
To develop the economy and protect the environment, start from me, start from now.

   Environmental Protection

Based on the principle that developing economy cannot be at the expense of damaging environment, Runtai Chemical Co., Ltd. pays equal attentions to develop economy and protect environment. Start from me, start from now.

   Establishment of Environmental Protection Organization

   Establishment of Environmental Protection System

   Establishment of Environmental Protection Management System

Water-borne Propulsion
The coalescing agent of Runtai Chemical has a huge effect on the film-forming of emulsion paint, but coalescing agent is organic solvent, which has an influence on the environment. Therefore, the developing trend is environmentally friendly effective coalescing agent, which can reduce the odor, reduce the volatile organics and has low-toxicity, safe, acceptable biodegradability. In China, water-borne coatings are the necessary trend of the development of industry and market.
Sustainable Development
The company establishes and perfects cleaner production organization, establishes and perfects cleaner production management system. Sustainable cleaner production plan is to effectively implement the cleaner production in the company in an organized and systematic way. The cleaner production examination working group establishes sustainable cleaner production plan.
Sustainable Cleaner Production Plan
  Main Contents Starting Time Ending Time Responsible Department
Next round’s examination plan for cleaner production 1.Continue to collect cleaner production zero/low fee, medium/high fee plans.
2.Continue to implement zero/low fee plans.
3.Establish “cleaner production” working policies and objectives, cleaner production post responsibility system, cleaner production reward and penalty system to ensure that cleaner production work is carried out continually and effectively
2015.10 2016.9 Production Department
Implementation plan of the examination scheme in this round 1.Continue to implement determined and viable zero/low fee plans and institutionalize some measures in the plans.
2.Publicize and propagandize the results of implemented plans by stages and in groups.
3.Continue to strengthen the publicity and training of cleaner production for the whole staff.
2015.10 2016.9 Each department responsible for the implementation of plans
Cleaner production training plan for the company’s staff 1Cleaner production knowledge training, publicize and initiate by studying and reading China Environment News, holding before-work and after-work meetings, opening cleaner production knowledge training, printing cleaner production manuals, using intranet QQ groups
2.Cleaner production technology training, regularly organize staff to learn the cleaner production technology recommended by industry, train the staff’s technology innovation ability.
Twice per month
Once per quarter
Long term Cleaner Production Office
Cleaner Production Office
Key points and objectives of next round’s examination Set equipment transformation, refinement of distribution of energy instruments, automation of production lines and closed transformation as the examination’s key points of the next round. Such as the recycle and reuse of water condensed from vapors Before the end of November, 2019   Each department
Cleaner Production
Runtai Chemical Co., Ltd implements the policy of reviewing and changing simultaneously, and invests 2.17 million yuan in total. The company saves 1 000 tons of water every year, saves 905 tons of vapor, reduces 3 tons of common solid waste emission, reduces 0.21 tons of isobutyraldehyde emission annually, reduces about 1.6 tons of wasted activated carbon emission, achieves economic profits of 2.02 166 million yuan, accomplishes the cleaner production objective of this round and achieves the win-win of environmental benefit, economic benefit and social benefit.
Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction
(一)Establish leading group
On 6th, January, 2014, Runtai Chemical Co., Ltd established safe production management committee, safety and environmental production management department. In 2015, the company established safe production supervision group, environmental protection emergency supervising group and emergency rescue leading group to take charge of emergency response, coordination and supervision of daily environmental protection comprehensively.
(二)Establish and perfect energy, environmental protection management system and monitoring measures
The general manager is the first and foremost person responsible for the company’s environmental protection. Director of each department is the first and foremost person responsible for the department’s environmental protection and must strictly conform to the National Environment Policy act and other relevant regulations, carry out and implement the policy of “all-round planning, technology improvement, comprehensive utilization, scientific management, pollution prevention”.
(三)Further strengthen the publicity education and training of environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reduction
The company should save and comprehensively utilize resources and energy to maximum when organizing production, and reduce the emission of the three wastes, reduce the influence of pollution, carry out technology improvement and comprehensive utilization, eradicate runaway, overflow, drip and leakage as well as the three wastes by strengthening management. The company should increase production while not increasing pollution, and don’t produce new pollution source.
Responsible Care Program
Under the proposal of the concept: ”Responsible Care”, global chemical industry has committed to making efforts in each aspect such as health improvement, safety and environment quality, and establishes new image of chemical industry in the whole society by evaluating, declaring and conversing the activities and results in these three aspects, in order to promote the sustainable development of the global chemical industry. Responsible care is to implement system comprehensively from upper levels to lower levels in the company and is autonomous activity of continual improvement.