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  • August 4th

    Runtai chemical Listed on NEEQ

  • June 19th

    Measurement and guarantee system approved by the Jiangsu Provincial Institute of measurement and acceptance of the audit 19th June

  • March 30th

    Runtai chemical Co.,ltd changed her name to Runtai chemical Co.,ltd(joint-stock system)

  • February 2nd

    safety production standardization second level passed the acceptance of Jiangsu provincial safety supervision and Management Bureau, Jiangsu Province, the safety production association

  • 2014

  • December

    "Runtai" trademark by the Taizhou Municipal Bureau of cognizance of well-known trademarks of Taizhou City

  • December 9th

    Jiangsu Runtai Chemical Co.Ltd., the name was changed to RuntaiChemical Co. Ltd., registered capital of 50000000 yuan. 9th December

  • November 1st

    Runtai chemical’s main product C-12 has been identified as high-tech products in Jiangsu Province on 1st November

  • October

    Named Taizhou Three culture construction model points by Taizhou federation of trade unions

  • October 15th

    Runtai chemical information technology project (ERP) start will be held at the company headquarters

  • October

    Been rated as Taizhou enterprise culture construction demonstration unit by Taizhou general trade unions

  • October 8th

    Earned certificate of standardization of good behavior enterprise 

  • September 1st

    Runtai chemical was rated "good standardization enterprise in Jiangsu" (AAA)

  • August 6th

    Catalyst for the synthesis of C-12 and preparation method got National Intellectual Property Office invention patent authorization

  • August 1st

    Runtai chemical won “2013 Chinese most potential enterprise award in paint industry” and "2013 China coatings raw materials brand award"

  • June 30th

    Jiangsu Runtai Chemical Co. Ltd.  been identified as high-tech enterprises  by Jiangsu Province science and Technology Department

  • March 27th

    Jiangsu Runtai Chemical Co.,ltd was certified as ISO14001 environmental management system and OHSAS18001 occupation health Certification of health safety management system

  • March

    Jiangsu RuntaiChemical Co. Ltd. is China Coatings Industry Association appointed group members

  • 2013

  • September 9th

    Runtaichemical and Yangzhou University cooperation established graduate workstation

  • July

    Jiangsu RuntaiChemical Co. Ltd. is the association of private technology enterprises in Jiangsu Province as a private technology enterprises in Jiangsu Province

  • July

    The credit rating of Jiangsu Runtai Chemical Co., Ltd is "AAA" which evaluated by Jiangsu Far East International Assessment Advisory limited

  • June 1st

    Approved by Taizhou Municipal Science and Technology Bureau , Runtai chemical established "Taizhou Runtai chemical additives engineering technology research center"

  • May 18th

    Jiangsu Runtai Chemical Co., paint additives products won the "top ten auxiliary national brand" title

  • April 12th

    Jiangsu runtai Chemical Co. Ltd. been hired as 3rd Editorial board member of Coating technology and abstract

  • 2012-2013

    Named as "top ten national additives brand" by HC

  • January 2013

    Jiangsu RuntaiChemical Co. Ltd. trade union committee

  • 2012

  • December 17th

    Approved by the Jiangyan Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, Jiangsu Runtai Chemical Research Institute been established.

  • September 15th

    Jiangsu Runtai chemical company image project (CIS) started

  • July 27th

    Jiangsu Runtai Chemical Co. branch was established, Zhang Shiyuan was appointed secretary of the Party branch

  • June 14th

    Jiangsu Runtai chemical registered capital rose to 30,000,000 yuan

  • May 15th

    Jiangsu Runtai chemical exported her products C-12 to Turkey for the first time

  • April 7th

    Trademark registration ‘RUNTAI”,”RUANTA”

  • March 25th

    Chairman of Runtai Chemical Co., Ltd., Zhang Shiyuan was elected as the thirteenth session of Jiangyan municipal CPPCC members.

  • January 17th

    Jiangsu Runtai chemical Co.,ltd was certified with ISO9001 quality management system certification

  • 2011

  • December 7th

    Methods of manufacture Dimethyl succinate obtained National invention rights authorization

  • November 1st

    Jiangsu Runtai chemical company office building completed on 1st November

  • August 8th

    Jiangsu Runtai chemical registered capital rose to 20,000,000 yuan

  • July 16th

    Jiangsu Runtai chemical new plant put into operation

  • 2010

  • July 1st

    Jiangsu Runtai chemical new plant and office building lay Foundation

  • May 18th

    Jiangsu Runtai chemical co.,ltd established, registered capital is 11,880,000