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Over twenty years’ rapid development, Runtai Chemical has led a series of changes in the coalescing agent industry: from being the first company in China which successfully developed alcohol ester 12, from reorganization of technology system, reestablishment of production equipment, to the preparation of advanced equipment and innovations of new technology till now. During the above processes, innovation has laid foundation for the success of Runtai Chemical . Enlightened by the concept-“Profession achieves future”, researchers in Runtai Chemical continually promote the optimization and leadership of coalescing agents in coating industry. In China, we are using the power of chemistry to make future coatings safer, environmentally friendlier and healthier. We focus on developing the products and solutions which benefit the sustainable development of the world, such as developing coalescing agents with high boiling point, coalescing agents applied in different fields of coating system, environmentally friendly solvent with high boiling point, medicine intermediates, to make great contributions to coating systems downstream. Nowadays in China, research and innovation on environmental friendly coatings have become the topics of joint development, and Runtai Chemical actively responds to the demands for new environmentally friendly coatings. With the development of Runtai’s two projects-Rudong Xiaoyangkou, Taizhou Taixing Chemical Industrial Zone, which are branches of Runtai Chemical, and Runtai Technology Center Building which will be newly built and finished construction before 2017, Runtai will again improve the research capability comprehensively to satisfy the rapid increase of coating market at home and abroad. Runtai Chemical and customers will make concerted efforts to promote product breakthroughs together and solve customers’ demands.

1. Innovate in China, Service to the World.

In Runtai Chemical, researchers continually promote product breakthroughs to satisfy the demands from market in each district of China and global market. Runtai Chemical is equipped with top talents in the industry and advanced equipment, solves unique challenges with excellent research capability, and looks for new breakthrough opportunities. The research and development activities of Runtai Chemical are fully carried out inside our laboratories. Here, we focus on promoting the innovation of coalescing agent serial products, and give important support for solving environmentally friendly coating products. Now, we put our emphasis on innovation programs and have carried out innovation programs in the technology center comprehensively.
It mainly includes:
Analytical science,、
Chemical science、
Formulation science、
Coating application science

2. Market Innovation

3. Application Innovation

4. Service Innovation